Acrylic Pour. Small projects

I had a great time playing around with these tiny acrylic pours. I cut foam board to size, poured, let dry then peeled off three days later. Cheap dollar foam board is recommended for easy peeling off.

Update:¬†I found that the easiest way to remove stubborn backing after using the second side of the foam board is to slightly slice the foam board down the middle then peel off the exposed foam core. Also the exposed acrylic must be protected even after it’s dry. I used thick plastic cut to size. Mistake: I stacked my fiished pours together. Big mistake. Eventhough I did not stack them acrylic-to-acrylic the fibers from the paper backing of the others became embedded in several of the pieces. I covered them in distilled water then scrubbed with an old toothbrush. To no avail. Most of the fibers did come off but left a dull residue where the surface was once shiny. I’ll have to varnish one to see if the dullness goes away or not.

This is the You Tube instructional video.


Passport Project #ActivityBook

I’m volunteering with a Friday night church activity where meals are served. A “passport” activity book was suggested. I ran to my craft room to get started. This is what ¬†came up with.

Passport1 Passport2 Passport3 Passport4